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The Yash Foundation was built up, around 23 years prior, by Shri. Surendranath Yashwant partners Bal Mane in the memory of his darling dad Late Shri. Yashwantrao Mane, who was a devoted social laborer and an educationist.

He was associated with numerous social exercises in the Konkan area of Maharashtra, India. This establishment conducts wellbeing mindfulness programs and country improvement programs in the Konkan district.

It likewise directs some instructive exercises and plans to begin a decent number of instructive establishments obliging Medical training

The Yash Foundation Of College Nursing And Medical Research Institute

The Yash Foundation has established a College of Nursing and Medical Research Institute at Ratnagiri, a beautiful city on the Western coast of Maharashtra, in the year 2006.

The institution is being approved by “The Indian Nursing Council” and “The Maharashtra Nursing Council”. The institute is affiliated to MUHS, Nasik”. The institute has begun the march to fame with a spirit of nationalism and an urge to serve, educate and innovate.

The present eminence is the culmination of efforts of countless humans who gave their best under good circumstances and also during difficult situations.

The glory of the Institute rests with traditions. Unremitting zeal, devotion and professional competence of the nursing personal having ensured that on completion of the study, our young nurse’s act like a tool on the hands of God to serve humanity.


Provide support and leadership for an effective Registered Nurses (RN) workforce through innovative partnerships and education to bring India on the global map for nursing services. To develop consciousness, confident, kind-hearted and caring nursing professionals of International repute.


We believe that every individual must possess a sound mind in the sound body. The nursing profession is an important aspect of the health care delivery system. The optimum level of health is everyone responsibility. Our institute strives for this right through the integration of multidisciplinary approach.

We deeply believe that education is necessary to bring about desired changes in behavior. Technology with excellence and human healing touch is the core of the nursing profession. This college of nursing is committed to render holistic, loving care through excellence and altruism.

We take the responsibility, with pleasure, for all-round development of our students.

Courses offered by Yash Foundation

Basic B.Sc Nursing Course Details

B.Sc (Nursing) Course

  1. Sc Nursing course is based on education which is been specially designed to develop critical thinking knowledge, competence and different things required to practice the profession of a nurse. A lot of sectors look forward to graduates in nursing, hence increasing the demand which is not only limited to India but all over the world. In India, the course is registered under and controlled by India Nursing Council.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing or B.Sc Nursing is a 4-year undergraduate course with minimum eligibility criteria of successful completion of 10+2 level of education in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

The admission purely depends on the entrance exam. The main objective of the B.Sc. Nursing Course is to feed in the knowledge and skills in nursing care based on the problem-solving approach in the hospital and the community around B.Sc nursing career helps in employment in the areas of clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and health departments.

B.Sc Nursing also comprises a Post Basic B.Sc Nursing course which is been offered in the different duration and also requires a different level of education.

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Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Course Details

Nursing gives an opportunity to serve and treat patients which can impact society and change social well-being. The INC is the authorized body which governs everything related to nursing education in India. The course offered follows the syllabus as prescribed by the INC. Post Basic B.Sc Nursing program offers a mix combination of classroom lectures and hands-on practical sessions.

Post Basic B.Sc Nursing is a 2-year undergraduate program which can be pursued by candidates who are interested in the field of Nursing.

Nurses are well-trained health care professionals trained in treating, assisting the doctors and taking care of the patient during the course of treatment and surgery. A registered nurse is also capable of administering primitive, preventive, curative service to patients and large communities.

Successful graduates are hired in a different nursing institution, fields of clinical and public health nursing community. Post Basic B.Sc Nursing course are trained through classroom and practical teaching.

The Main Objective Of The Course Is:

Promote professional and personal growth for better opportunities in the field of nursing.

Develop teaching, research skills with administrative knowledge.

Provide a greater opportunity to aspiring nurses to get more skills.

GNM Nursing Course Details

Nursing is specially designed to deal with maternity care and sick people. As a professional nurse need to take care of every patient, the courseware mainly focuses on providing all-round support to communities, individuals and families.

The course basically intends to create all around prepared and qualified general attendants who can adequately fill in as a piece of the therapeutic network at an exceptionally beginning level.

The course essentially aims to generate well trained and qualified general nurses who can effectively work as a part of the medical community at a very initial level. The program has been designed to let eligible candidates make a successful career in the health care industry.

They can also study and specialize in the nursing domain while they contribute to the health-care industry.

Certificate in General Nursing and Midwifery or GNM course is a 3 to multiyear confirmation course offered in paramedics. The courseware mainly focuses on providing care to individuals, communities or families.

The course can be taken after successful completion of the 10+2 level of education in the Science stream from a recognized educational board with minimum passing marks of 40%.

GNM nursing course needs a compulsory completion of a 6-month internship in the same discipline.

The GNM syllabus has been specially designed to maintain, attain and recover health and help in taking forward quality life. Such professionals are hired in every domain of health care industry such as Clinical nurse specialist, forensic nursing, helper, teacher, and junior lecturer, emergency room nurse etc.

The average annual salary has been offered to successful professionals in this discipline ranges anywhere between 3lacs to 5lacs and keeps on adding value with candidates experience and skillset.

ANM Nursing Course Details

Nursing is the medical specialty of caring for the sick and providing focus on helping the patient in fast recovery. Nursing is an important part of the healthcare sector and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the healthcare organization.

Subjects mainly covered in this course curriculum include Physiology, Anatomy, Biological science, Microbiology, Sociology, Fundamentals of nursing and first aid.

The Program Aims To Produce Highly Skilled Nurses With Qualities Like:
•Adaptability, Flexibility, organizational skills, and time management.
•Leadership skills, Tenacity and the ability to conduct research.
•Good communication and observation skills.

ANM Nursing Course helps students to find job opportunities in the different nursing organization and other related jobs.

Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery in Nursing is a two-year undergraduate certificate course in Medical Nursing. The minimum eligibility to ANM Nursing course is 10+2 level of education with a minimum aggregate of 45% marks.

Yash Foundation is well known to be the Top BSc colleges in Maharashtra. We stand tall with our Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery ANM Colleges in Maharashtra.

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